martes, 17 de enero de 2017

Alicia Bueno's artwork now showing at Nordsouth Gallery in Puerto Vallarta

Alicia Bueno was invited by Nordsouth Gallery partners to show her most recent work in Puerto Vallarta.

Nordsouth Gallery started 20 years ago in Montréal by two ambitious designers Stephane Fréchette and Robert Sauvé. Nordsouth specialises in custom-made furniture, original works from artists and objets d'art sourced from around the world. There are presently located in three locations Montréal, Miami and most recently they opened in the Old Town of Puerto Vallarta at Leona Vicario 230.

Alicia's exhibit is made of 20 pieces from 60 cm bronces and unique glass work to 3 m high creations. Don't miss it!

Dance to the sun (female)

Dance to the sun (male)




Fish I

Fish II


Female Torso and Indian

Sculptor & Flaming lovers

The Wave

Flaming lovers



Stéphane Fréchette & Alicia Bueno

Gallery Opening guests


Alicia bueno besides Flaming lovers